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Weird format issue with user info/avatar - DrunkenTeddy - 2018-07-30

We've been using this skin for a while (modified version of the igame free theme to make it light) and it was working as expected, but recently people started complaining about their usernames/avatars appearing above posts while in classic mode instead of to the left. If you view the below page you'll see the issue. I didn't change anything when this started happening, but it's possible one of my other admins did (no one is admitting anything...). If you switch to the "dark" theme you'll see the proper display, but I can't seem to find the reason for it displaying differently on the light skin. If anyone is able to help me figure out what's wrong it would be greatly appreciated.
I added the "float_left" class to the area for now to at least put it in the right spot, but I'm noticing a lot of other issues on my forums now, the drop down at the top under "More" appears horizontal, when it used to be vertical. There's almost no padding on anything, quotes don't have a background color like they should.... I feel like someone really messed with something...

RE: Weird format issue with user info/avatar - WallBB - 2018-07-31

Hey Teddy,
I think your template is messed up and it can be because of various reasons such as MyBB update, plugin modification, CSS update or improper template edit(causing div to remove), etc.
Do you have a backup of you theme ? If yes, try to copy the postbit_classic template in the theme template from backup.

Also make sure you create a backup of this templete before making changes.

RE: Weird format issue with user info/avatar - DrunkenTeddy - 2018-07-31

Yeah I'm kicking myself for not backing it up a while back. I tried restoring the classic template, but it still has the same issue. And having the same issue in the regular postbit template too (lack of padding and some weird missing formatting).

I got it working by re-doing the css for the site... Took a while but something in there was royally screwing it up.