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Domain/IP Issues - Retnuh - 2018-08-05

This may not be the correct forum to ask this but I can't seem to find anywhere else thats helping very much.
I have an host record "A Record" with masked option to hide the number ip, setup to redirect my domain to my ip, but whenever I click on any link on the home-page of my forum it redirects and shows the number ip, how would I get it to behave like a normal website, and show on the home page and then for example when they click on the User CP. Just for reference I'm hosting off of xampp on a VPS using the Flatty mybb theme, using to get my domain.

RE: Domain/IP Issues - NoRules - 2018-08-06


I think that's something you have to change/add in your /apache/conf/httpd-xampp.conf file. Not a MyBB problem.

Google it Wink