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RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - Eldenroot - 2018-09-23

Quote:one notice - in fancybox 0.5 we could move pictures to left and right too, but in 0.6 and 0.7 it's only possibile up and down. :-(

Sorry but I cannot reproduce. It works for up/down arrows as well for right/left arrows. Maybe try to refresh your web browser cache after update (Ctrl+F5), or send me a URL of your board to test it.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - schauan - 2018-09-28


here is the url:
It's our testforum.

It may be, that the point is, that I mean postings with one picture.
In this case I can only move the picture up and down.

If I have more than one picture than I can move left and right too, but then comes the next or previous picture. (in booth cases, moving with "hand" or with arrows)

I'm not shure now, if it was the same in 0.5 I thoght, not.

With previous plugin in our testforum (and currently in productive forum) , highslide, we had different possibilities to change or move the pictures. If we pick and hold a picture, we can move it free in all directions. Only the arrows on booth sides are to change the pictures.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - Eldenroot - 2018-09-28

Guests cannot open and see attachments... anyway I cannot confirm your report, tested on my board and works fine as intended. Try it with v0.5 but there were changes only in FancyBox library.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - schauan - 2018-09-28


sorry... I had changed it for guests in this moment :-)

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - 8guawong - 2018-09-28

seems to be working as intended....
i don't see any problem...
maybe fancybox doesn't have feature that you were accustomed to in highslide

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - Eldenroot - 2018-09-28

I am a little bit confused - I can navigate between images normally - arrows keys (right and left or top and down), both ways are working fine. So what is wrong?

I havent used any other 3rd library for viewing images in modal for MyBB... so if you are talking about a different plugin, sorry I cannot help. We can add a new feature, but I dont wanna add something redundant or something what is used only in minority of cases.

EDIT: If you have more than one image, navigation is enabled and is working fine - swipe, keyboard arrows, arrows on the sides. If you have only one image, there is no navigation, you can swipe to close the image. So what am I missing?

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - schauan - 2018-09-29


I think, we didn't understand us. I didn't mean the navigation but the movement of a Picture on the website. 
If the sidewise movement is not a feature and we are in minority, it is not so important to have all directions … 

But I hope the up and down functionality persists in the future.
Sometime it's easier to understand questions and answers for our users if they can see scaled pictures and text at once

Only for understanding again … :

url to a post with a picture

1) I click on the picture and it will be scaled in fancybox
2) I move the cursor over the picture -  the cursor changes to a "little hand"
3) I keep the picture with left-mouse-button and hold it
4) I move the picure up and still hold it 
5) Now I can read something in the backgound and look at the scaled picture at once
6) I move the picture back to the middle of the site and so fancybox will be continued or drop it and the fancybox will be closed
This works fine.

Moving to left or right in point 4 doesn't work  
I tried it in last days in current versions of Edge, FF, Chrome - system is Windows 10 …

Thanks for your efforts,

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.7 - Eldenroot - 2018-09-29

It is completely fine, because swipe to the left/right is only for naviagtion between images in gallery.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.8 - iAndrew - 2018-10-29

Is it possible to open images in FancyBox from links instead of attachments?

RE: MyBB FancyBox v0.8 - Eldenroot - 2018-10-29

(2018-10-29, 05:32 PM)iAndrew Wrote: Is it possible to open images in FancyBox from links instead of attachments?

Yes, it is possible, just add id to all links - here is a full documentation available -

For MyBB - it would maybe need some adjustments for JS part, havent tried, needs more investigation (anyway I am not a JS guy Sad