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RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.0 - Eldenroot - 2019-09-25

Nope, this plugin affects only opened inages, attachment thumbnails are not handled.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.0 - sappy - 2019-10-18

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1366 - Incorrect integer value: 'no' for column 'isdefault' at row 1
INSERT INTO mybb_settinggroups (`name`,`title`,`description`,`disporder`,`isdefault`) VALUES ('mybbfancybox','MyBB FancyBox Settings','Settings for MyBB FancyBox','1','no')

Getting this error currently when i am installing to a fresh mybb site (With nginx and MySQL 5.7) Please note there are no other plugins installed other than this, this is my first plugin.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.0 - Eldenroot - 2019-10-29

Version 1.0.1 is released, it contains fix for SQL error mentioned above.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - schauan - 2020-01-04


i had downloaded and installed 1.0.1. in my productive Forum - my old Plugin was highslide - no older Versions of FancyBox was installed before.

I have 4 issues. 

- the zip-file is #12 …, the extracted folder ...1.0.1, the shown Version in admin-cp is 1.0.0

- if i use maximize, minimize and end (x), my browser (Edge) lost the scrollbar. If I refresh the site, the scrollbar is shown again. 

- i didn't see Thumbnails (Thumbnails I have activated in admin-cp)

- in my testforum i had started with older versions of FancyBox. There i have fancybox-changes in two templates that i didn't have in my prod. Forum, in postbit_attachments_images_image and postbit_attachments_thumbnails_thumbnail. I think, the changes comes with an older Version and in 1.0.1. they are not included?

Forum Versions are 1.8.21

here is a post in my forum with two pictures:

thanks, André

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - Eldenroot - 2020-01-04

@schauan - thank you for your reports, anyway these are known issues and we will fix them in 2020 when we get a little bit more free time to find a good fix.

Until that please dont use minimize feature.

You can also check our GitHub for a know issues and report there anything related to this plugin.

About template changes you have to first disable, uninstall old version and then copy new version -> install and activate.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - schauan - 2020-01-19


thanks for your answer. I looked at GitHub, and so I think I have some new issues ...

On my cellphone (android 9.x / chrome) sometimes fancybox shows me the pictures in the middle of the screen and the Buttons on the upper edge.
But sometimes the Pictures are placed in the upper half and Right-justified. In this case I also miss the Buttons ...
(it may be that this issue happens if the Pictures are Little)

If I move the Pictures vertically, my finger is faster than the Picture :-)

and two Questions / wishes:

Is it possibile, that the backround of fancybox can be a Little bit brighter, ? Our users want to see the post text a Little bit better ...
(p.e. as an global Option, or where in the Code i can Change it?) 

Is it possible to increase the vertically range in wich the Picture jumps back to the middle?

(Sorry, my Auto correction sets sometimes uppercase letters)

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - Eldenroot - 2020-01-19

Please open the tickets on our GitHub.

CSS style can be adjusted, just click right and inspect elements and change desired class (overwrite it in global.css or call it in fancybox.css).

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - schauan - 2020-01-19


thanks for your answer. 

I had tried the issue 1) now again because an user had written that he hasn't that described Problem. Now I can't reproduce this Problem too...

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.0.1 - sappy - 2020-06-26

Hey guys I am getting this error when using mybbfancybox.

How to repro
1. Post a thread with [img]
2. Try to preview the thread 
3. End result as the image

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.0 - Eldenroot - 2021-01-03

New version 1.1.0 is released. All known bugs have been fixed and we also have few new features inside the package Smile Please update to the latest release, we do not recommend using the previous version anymore...

[FEATURE] - Add a new setting - parsing images only from attachments not from URLs in galleries
[FEATURE] - Add a new setting - single gallery for all images in a thread's page
[IMPROVEMENT] - Minimize and maximize feature is working now as expected under all circumstances
[IMPROVEMENT] - URLs parsing in posts now check all patterns
[FIX] - Xthreads error - now works corrected on a new thread/post page
[FIX] - URLs parsing (images) in posts now check all patterns
[FIX] - Thumbnail button was not working correctly, now should open a thumbnail sidebar
[FIX] - Thumbnail sidebar was empty and not displayed
[FIX] - Attachments images disappear on pop-up

Thank you very much for your contribution @lairdshaw (@Laird)

Download from the MyBB extend site: