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RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.1 - Eldenroot - 2021-01-21

New bug fix version is available, please update Smile

Thank you @Laird for your contribution!

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.1 - Dr_The_One - 2021-02-04

If I hide link under image then on click on image, image zoomed instead of open link.
[url=] [img=200x300][/img*] [/url*]

How to open link instead of zoom image if link hidden inside image like above?
Here plugin not installed so you can't see here.
Please guide.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.1 - Laird - 2021-02-04

I can't reproduce this. When I save that MyCode into a post and then click on the image, I get taken to Google.

Which version are you using? The latest is 1.1.1.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.1 - Eldenroot - 2021-02-04

Please check your ACP settings...

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.1 - Dr_The_One - 2021-02-04

Thank you..I have to set the first setting of detect URL to NO. It works.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2 - Eldenroot - 2021-04-04

New version 1.1.2 is released Smile

Just overwrite old files if you are updating directly from v1.1.1.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2 - RealSelf - 2021-04-16

This is really a good plugin!
Thank you for your contribution.

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2 - OakleY - 2021-05-23

Hello, Really like this add-on but have a question then I can't find it.

 I have installed this extension now and have browsed and tried it out under ACP but can not find this.

I want to get rid of the text below the image completely. Can anyone help me say where this feature is located?

[Image: k77jM5N.png]

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2 - Eldenroot - 2021-05-24

It could be done via css, try to inspect element

RE: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2 - infosmart - 2021-06-15

can you make fancybox play selfhosted videos, like playing attachment videos using fancybox. thanks
I saw a website using fancybox and can play hosted attachment videos.