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More Login/Signup Issues - Deddy - 2018-08-21

When a user tries to log in or sign up to my forums it fails and doesn't do what its supposed to do and all it says is "[font=Whitney,]Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again." 

[font=Whitney,]So it doesn't display any MyBB SQL errors or anything so im confused on what i can do to fix this. Please Help <3[/font]

[font=Whitney,]My forums:[/font]

[font=Whitney,]Let me know if you want a test account, if not just create a fake one yourself Smile[/font]

RE: More Login/Signup Issues - effone - 2018-08-21

Please search before you ask, this has been answered ample of times

RE: More Login/Signup Issues - Deddy - 2018-08-22

i did these but still having the same issue.

RE: More Login/Signup Issues - Wires - 2018-08-22

Clearly not, you only managed to put the input post_keys in error no permission & portal login template.