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Opencart merge - Wazzyl - 2018-09-11

I have a serious request, i want to intergrate my forum into my opencart, the only issue is i dont know how to do it, so the forums will use the layout of my shop, and using the login and register part of the website aswell, anyone know how to fix this, cause i did not found anything related to opencart 3.0 and mybb 1.8

RE: Opencart merge - Ashley1 - 2018-09-11

You would have to make a paid request for this, and probably be clearer on what you want. Sounds like 2 jobs. Connecting the 2 databases, and then how do you expect your forum to look like Opencart? Opencart is bootstrap and responsive.

RE: Opencart merge - Wazzyl - 2018-09-11

i will post on paid request, thanks!