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Private Threads - thunderclap - 2018-10-20

Years ago when I ran a vBulletin forum I utilized a cool plugin called vB Private Threads ( I now would like to use the same feature but with my MyBB forum. I saw there is a similar plugin for MyBB but doesn't include the main feature I need: the option for the OP too invite select users to the thread while keeping it private to everyone else.

Is this a plug-in someone here would like to tackle?

RE: Private Threads - v_2 - 2018-10-20

.. see below post

RE: Private Threads - thunderclap - 2018-10-21

Oh nice! I missed that one. I'll give it a try and report back. Thanks.

So this is pretty close to what I need, though I would like some modifications to it. I don't know if someone is able to update this mod without the original creators permission since it doesn't look like he's been on in 4 years. A couple things I would like to see added:

- add a user by username instead of their UID
- a PM/email is sent to the user that they've been invited
- be able to add a user after thread is created
- hide threads from those not invited

I might be able to pay a little for these modifications if someone is able to added these things.