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"The Ultimate Tone" Forum - TreeHerder - 2018-11-21

Hi All,

I invite you to have a look at "The Ultimate Tone" Forum, dedicate to electronic designer Kevin O'Connor's "The Ultimate Tone" book series. The forum contains topics and threads of interest to audio electronic designers.

This is "out of the box" MyBB 1.8 - no theme or template installed. I modified some files to get the colours right, added graphics in the logo area, and changed up the "active" and "no new activity" forum icons.

Google SEO 1.8.3
Country Flag 1.2.1
Advanced Sidebox 3.1.11



RE: "The Ultimate Tone" Forum - HuffBarium - 2019-07-23

Really enjoyed that simplicity and bright tones of the website, have no problems with using it. Big Grin