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Avatar Cropper - blackspider - 2018-11-23

I really like how the development of 1.9 is coming along, but I feel like suggesting another small feature that I'm sure people would appreciate: avatar cropping.

I often switch avatars on the forums that I visit and I absolutely HATE it when either a) the filesize or b) the dimensions are too big and c) when the avatar gets automatically resized, its quality greatly deteriorates. In either case, I then have to take my pic, open photoshop, proceed to crop it in a 1x1 square, save it in the right dimensions, and then upload it.

A forum that I frequent thankfully implemented a beautiful custom avatar cropper usingĀ CropperJS and it automatically resizes my avatars without them losing on quality. If something like that would be implemented so that even forums without dedicated custom developers would have on disposal I am sure many posters would be very delighted with the feature.

RE: Avatar Cropper - Eldenroot - 2018-11-23

+1 - should be added

RE: Avatar Cropper - Ben - 2018-11-23

This would be a good feature but I'm not sure if this would be added in to 1.9 or 1.10.