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Remote avatar error - gfhgfhfghfgh - 2018-12-11

after I try to set up my avatar, I got a message:
Quote:The URL you entered for your avatar does not appear to be valid. Please ensure you enter a valid URL.

It happenĀ when I try to set up avatar from specific domain, e.g. .link .top .shop
But avatars on "normal" domains e.g. .com works

How can I change the list of allowed domains?

RE: Remote avatar error - Eldenroot - 2018-12-12

Unfortunately I can confirm, same with other domains... Sad

RE: Remote avatar error - effone - 2018-12-19

MyBB doesn't rely on tld-s listed somewhere. It tries to access the file (no matter what type of domain extension it is) using `fetch_remote_file()' and if gets return data considers the avatar url as valid.
It can be any domain, any path but must be valid and working.

I tried with some random valid tld-s and all worked fine. Can you guys provide any valid image url that MyBB treats invalid? Note that the image may be valid but the site applies hotlinking disabled - in that case also the url will fail to be fetched...