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Firebase Push Notifications - Zeitgeist - 12-24-2018

I ask around earlier if there were any plugins that supported desktop notificatication(I also ask if there was anybody that I could I hire) but I didn't get any response so I'm guessing that there aren't many mybb developers. I did some research on solutions to my problem and was led to this plugin  ( The problem is that the GCM backbone of the plugin is outdated has been deprecated and GCM has been implemented into googles new firebase service. 

TLDR: I need someone to write a mybb plugin that enables push notification through google firebase. I know that it is possible because other forum software developer have jumped on the ball and developed similar plugins utilizing firebase(ex.

RE: Firebase Push Notifications - Omar G. - 12-24-2018

I used the GCM plugin for myself and it worked nicely. Is there a need to completely rewrite the plugin or is an update feasible?

RE: Firebase Push Notifications - Zeitgeist - 12-26-2018

A complete rewrite from scratch isn't necessary. I believe an update would be possible for anyone who knows the firebase api. Loooking at the code the all that would need to be done is the a conversion of GCM functions to their Firebase equivalence.

RE: Firebase Push Notifications - Omar G. - 12-26-2018

I was pondering the idea of updating MyAlerts instead. Since it allows for third-party integrations the work should be less.