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Mybb Core files - vk_knight - 2019-02-01

Its maybe a silly question. So, please don't mind.

Recently, I merged from phpbb to mybb. So, I am spending time to learn mybb.

In upgrading mybb section its said that if I had edited the core files then I should take a note.

What exactly are the mybb core files?

RE: Mybb Core files - Devilshakerz - 2019-02-01

These are the source code files (mainly .php or .js) contained in release/upgrade packages, required to run MyBB.

Advanced users might sometimes modify MyBB's files directly to change how it works, but it's recommended to use the plugin system instead as additional files that belong to themes, plugins, uploaded attachments, etc. would not get overwritten when upgrading.

If any of MyBB's files were modified, they would be listed in ACP's Tools & Maintenance → File Verification.

RE: Mybb Core files - vk_knight - 2019-02-02

I have edited the jscripts/sceditor/textarea_styles/jquery.sceditor.mybb

so that would be considered as changing core files?

RE: Mybb Core files - Wires - 2019-02-02

Yes. Core files are the files you downloaded and extracted when installing MyBB. For example, index.php, portal.php, stats.php are all core files.