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Forum staff - moderators - Eldenroot - 2019-03-01

Since MyBB (1.8.18 IIRC) when the changes were made (I really like them, good improvement for this page) there is a small issue with moderators.

I have 3 moderators on my board, but two of them /Skubin and šmoula) have an extra permissions to make changes in 3 forums. It is displayed correctly but these two mods should be displayed in Moderator group as well (global moderator). This is quite confusing... 

[Image: andCXAK.png]

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Omar G. - 2019-03-02

So they are both global moderators and specific forum moderators?

That sounds like a rather confusing approach as well.

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Eldenroot - 2019-03-02

All of them are global except 3 forums, where only two of them can moderate. So this is really confusing, should be changed.

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Whiteneo - 2019-03-02

You have to update staff templates to load leader groups and so.

That is the reason you have a very outdated templates into yous skin

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Eldenroot - 2019-03-02

Nope, it is updated

RE: Forum staff - moderators - effone - 2019-03-02

If they are restricted to moderate even only one forum they are no more global.

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Eldenroot - 2019-03-02

Nope, I will try to describe better.

All of them can moderate all forums except 3 forums listen above. So I added a permission to moderate only specific users (not usergroups). These two users should be displayed also in moderator group, not just for these three forums.

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Ben - 2019-03-07

Unfortunately I don't follow exactly what the issue is? If it's easier, feel free to message me on Discord and I can try to understand via the instant messaging.

P.S sorry about the late response from a team member to this thread,

RE: Forum staff - moderators - Eldenroot - 2019-03-08

Ok Ben, it is quite difficult to describe, because it happens only when you use a specific settings for your moderators.

RE: Forum staff - moderators - effone - 2019-03-08

Reproduction steps from scratch with every detail might help understanding the situation and further resolution.