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Custom Admin Login Panel - vk_knight - 2019-03-09

I don't know if this feature is already present in mybb or not. So, please be kind on your replies and try not to laugh if you find it funny.

But I thought that may be I should mention it. If a custom admin login panelĀ if be present then I think it will add up more security.

By custom admin panel I meant. As, it is now it can be

RE: Custom Admin Login Panel - Euan T - 2019-03-09

This is already present in MyBB 1.8, and has been since 1.4 at least. You can rename the admin folder, then edit the configuration in inc/config.php- look for the following text:
 * Admin CP directory
 *  For security reasons, it is recommended you
 *  rename your Admin CP directory. You then need
 *  to adjust the value below to point to the
 *  new directory.


RE: Custom Admin Login Panel - vk_knight - 2019-03-10


Custom Admin Login Panel - Ben - 2019-03-10


Your MyBB suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.