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File management - jacksp - 2019-03-24

Hello all,

I am about to use MyBB for my communities management for which I need :
- A forum with permissions per users (MyBB does it ! Smile )
- Multiple calendars (shown or not depending permissions) -> done by MyBB !
- A poll system (here too !)
- Few file share areas where group of people may have access, read and upload files -> This is - as far as I know - unfortunately missing.

So my questions are :
1. Is it possible to have such plugin ?
2. If it's not, is it at least possible to link MyBB to an existing solution like owncloud repository or something else ?

That's the only missing feature which blocks me going with MyBB...

Thanks !

RE: File management - Scratchy101 - 2020-11-07

Now that Yahoo Groups is shutting down, I need this feature too.
I have a ton of files downloaded from YHGs which I want to share with my community.

RE: File management - Darth Apple - 2020-11-07

How close is MyDownloads to your requirements? Do date, I believe it's the only 1.8.x compatible plugin for this sort of thing, although someone else may have a different solution I'm unaware of.

RE: File management - Omar G. - 2020-11-08

xThreads (plugin) and the attachment system (core) might suffice for your needs.