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Better filtering in MCP - MinusPL - 2019-03-26

I was doing some searching through my moderators logs and noticed that in MCP filtering logs aren't very good.

If I want to see all actions done by one moderator, I can't because I can't choose to show all actions for whole community, not single category or forum.
Also selecting one forum or category is going to search only in that specific forum or category. My moderators complained that they cannot see their logs properly just because it won't show them what they did in whole category (eg. consider having 40 subforums in one category. You don't remembet exactly in which subforum you made moderator actions, but remember that it was in that category. Right now if you select that category you would have no actions logged because in this specific category you didn't do any actions).

I think that it would be better to allow in MCP to search through whole community and allow to search in subforums / subcategories of given forum / category.

RE: Better filtering in MCP - Euan T - 2019-03-26

Would make sense to me as an enhancement for a future feature release such as 1.10 for sure.

RE: Better filtering in MCP - MinusPL - 2019-03-29

Most likely, maybe we could somehow add this to 1.9?