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Usernme color - ForumDime - 05-04-2019

I need a plugin that changes the username color depends on a number of posts and threads?
anyone can help?
for example
100 post will make the username color blue
500 post or thread green
1000 post or thread gold 

RE: Usernme color - meetdilip - 05-04-2019

There is some tutorial which can change user group colour change. You will have to set users groups according to your criteria.

RE: Usernme color - ForumDime - 05-04-2019

I know but how can I make it automatic color change when any user hit a certain number of posts?

RE: Username color - Serpius - 05-04-2019

You do not need a plugin to do this.

All you need is Group Promotions that is found in the AdminCP.

Look at these screenshots to assist you...

Go here first...

[Image: 588ad7ce0fca7849335d1efeccac19a7.png]

Then,  go to this next step...

[Image: 450fe244de69c5666ef4456eebe07ec4.png]