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Just Removed Httaccess - Mike.HSX - 2019-05-25

Hi there! Just removed httaccess and now my forum is giving me a error: HTTP ERROR 500

Any solution?

Anyone can help?

RE: Just Removed Httaccess - iAndrew - 2019-05-26

Upload a replacement .htaccess from the MyBB download? Apply anything you added in it like Google SEO?

RE: Just Removed Httaccess - Mike.HSX - 2019-05-26

It wont works like that! I cant access even the ACP I removed and replaced the httaccess but not working.

RE: Just Removed Httaccess - .m. - 2019-05-26

^ can you check recent entries of server error log to find the cause of error 500

RE: Just Removed Httaccess - Mike.HSX - 2019-05-26

Ok i just checked the Error logs and i upgraded the php version and now the forum works again! I didn't made any changes in the php version before! Anyway thanks.