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Respsonive options - cornishstorm - 06-13-2019

I appreciate 1.9 is hopefully going to be released some time soon which comes with a responsive theme by default.

But for now, are there any responsive themes available for the latest release of MyBB which are quite easy to customize a little, such as changing the colour theme in the css etc?

I do find it quite easy to modify the default theme, but making a responsive theme is a little beyond me! If there was one already made I could change slightly that is a flat version of the default mybb that would be awesome.


RE: Respsonive options - meetdilip - 06-14-2019

There is a free responsive theme in the theme section. And there are some premium responsive themes with great options as well

RE: Respsonive options - DevLife - 06-26-2019

Here are some

If you want you view some more premium  ones offered at  Requests / Services / Jobs
I would recommend WallBB or iAndrew they have some good responsive themes Free and Paid.