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Can't access Private Messages - Mister JG - 2019-08-06

Hello! I'm an user who comesĀ from another forum that uses MyBB (The Middle Ground Forums). I'm not an admin or any figure of authority there; I'm just a member.

Recently, I've been having problems accessing my Private Messages. I can still receive them, but when I try to open it, I get the following message.

[Image: zEd6DrD.png]

From this message, I think it's coming from my folders that I created for my PMs. I asked the MG Forums if they could help, and they said that contacting MyBB would be my best bet since according to them, MyBB doesn't escape apostrophes with PM folders.

How can I resolve this issue?


RE: Can't access Private Messages - Crazycat - 2019-08-06

Did you rename some folders and put apostrophes in a name ? The Delet'd PMs seems to be the trouble.
BTW, I think the MyBB version used is old, I can't reproduce this trouble with 1.8.20 and 1.8.21 versions

RE: Can't access Private Messages - Mister JG - 2019-08-06

Yeah, I renamed some folders and had the apostrophe on "Delet'd PMs."

Turns out I can't rename folders, since clicking on "Edit Folders" takes me to the same error message, so guess I'm stuck until we get a new version of MyBB. =/

Should I ask the admins there to see if they can update their version of MyBB?

RE: Can't access Private Messages - Crazycat - 2019-08-07

No you can't. The MyBB team have no relation with your forum admins, only your forum team can help you with this trouble, by renaming themself your folder or upgrading the forum.

RE: Can't access Private Messages - Mister JG - 2019-08-07

Ah, I see. Someone there said that they can upgrade the forum, so I think that should do the trick.

Thanks for your help! =)