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discord plugin mybb - daniofordon - 2019-08-19

Hello, I installed the Discord plugin and connected the page loads a long time and pops up such error you know maybe what's going on?

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:2006 - MySQL server has gone awayQuery:SELECT template FROM mybbvk_templates WHERE title='mydiscordnotification' AND sid IN ('-2','-1','1') ORDER BY sid DESC LIMIT 1

Forum look I have the standard from the latest version

RE: discord plugin mybb - Crazycat - 2019-08-19

The trouble is with your mysql server, it went offline.

RE: discord plugin mybb - daniofordon - 2019-08-20

How my server could go offline how the site works all the time only if I enable this plugin does the site not work?

RE: discord plugin mybb - KuJoe - 2019-08-20

If you run that query in phpMyAdmin (or similar) what output do you get?