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Problems with editing posts - chujalt - 2019-09-05


My name is Chujalt, I am new, I take the opportunity to greet all the members of the forum.

Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and I'm using a translator.

I have a forum,, I have been using mybb for many years. A few days ago I updated my version, I don't remember what number it was but it was from 2016, to version 1.8.21 which I think is the last one.

It was all correct, but now when making the new posts, he makes them with the html tags. I put a screenshot for you to see.

[Image: captura.png]

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much for everything.

RE: Problems with editing posts - noyle - 2019-09-05

Take a look at this post: . If you upgraded your forum to 1821, you might need some manual editing for your template.

RE: Problems with editing posts - chujalt - 2019-09-05


Thank you very much @noyle, following the link you wrote me I found the solution to my problem.

They were the codebuttons and headerinclude templates that I had to revert to original.

Many thanks again and regards   Smile