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Hide forum on index - clevelandman99 - 2019-09-11

Looking for something to hide a category/forum on index but still be accessiable by a link. Saw some other plugins but they dont work.

RE: Hide forum on index - Jovan J. - 2019-09-11

Something like this could solve your issue:

RE: Hide forum on index - effone - 2019-09-11

Here is a quick core edit to achieve the same:

First create a new setting in ACP as per the following details:

[Image: Untitled.png]

Click "Insert New Setting" button at the bottom.
Now you will get a new settings under "ACP > Configuration > Settings > Forum Display Options"

Enter the forum IDs you want to hide (separated by comma):

[Image: Untitled.png]

Settings part over.
Now open the file: inc/functions_forumlist.php, go to line 37, find this line:

$donecount = 0;

Add after that:

$hideonindex = array_filter(array_unique(explode(',', $mybb->settings['hideonindex'])));

Find line no 43 / 44
        foreach($parent as $forum)

Add after that:

if(!in_array($forum['fid'], $hideonindex)) {

Lastly, go to line 452, find closing brace } and add another closing brace } after that.

Save the file. If you have done the modifications locally then reupload and replace the file with modified one using FTP.

If you have done everything correctly you will get the desired result. Let me know if you need further help.

RE: Hide forum on index - Catch - 2019-09-25

Thanks effone! I just used your guide and it worked perfect.

Thank you!