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Woltlab latest to MyBB - jason5 - 2019-09-18

I see Merge system has WBB 3 and older version plus WBB 4. But do the latest version of Woltlab suite work if i choose WBB 4? and do the merge?

I try running the merge, this is what i get


There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied:

The WBB 4 database could not be found in 'in_wb'. Please ensure WBB 4 exists at this database and with this table prefix.

Once the above are corrected, continue with the conversion."

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - jason5 - 2019-09-20

Any tips or suggestion to fix this issue?

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - Crazycat - 2019-09-21

I think that wootlab suite (actual version is 3.1) and WoltLab Burning Board are different things. And the last version of WS don't use WBB (last version is 3.1.7 from may 2012).
So, you're confusing products.

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - jason5 - 2019-09-22

I think so, i am so confused on the naming conversions. Anyway i will find what is what and then try some steps and get back.

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - jason5 - 2019-10-11

Sorry i failed in migrating to MyBB, will the code be updated to convert Woltlab Suite 3.1 & Forum 5.1.10 to MyBB

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - Hakuna Matata - 2019-12-01

Hi, jason5, have you managed to convert your WoltLab board? I have one on the latest WoltLab version and looking for conversion possibility.

RE: Woltlab latest to MyBB - .m. - 2020-05-22

related new thread => WoltLab Burning Board 5.1 to 1.8

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