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RE: Reported theme not being removed - Crazycat - 2020-10-13

I think the account of Mostafa Shiraali has been hacked: his profile has been modified.
[Image: g3oXDJk.png]

RE: Reported theme not being removed - dragonexpert - 2021-01-05

(2019-10-06, 02:22 PM)DevLife Wrote: A good suggestion for MyBB is have a Reviewer that reviews the themes and plugins that are being submitted

I know this thread is slightly old, but I used to review a lot of the Plugins submitted back when I was active. Themes are always a pain to go through because there is so much that has to be tested. Plugins are not as bad, but I know when I used to do plugin approving, I also looked at code to verify that there aren't obvious security issues. I also tried to see if there are performance concerns with the plugin and if so, I would at least give the plugin author suggestions on fixing it on their next build.

RE: Reported theme not being removed - StefanT - 2021-01-06

Reviewing submissions can be anything. From checking they are valid submissions to testing them thoroughly or doing security checks.