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Log pruning task in ACP - Eldenroot - 2019-11-08

Guys, just a quick question - this task is running every date ( I have checked task logs) but please can you confirm if it works for you? I mean does it delete all old logs from - administrator log, moderator log, user email log, system mail log, spam log?

Thank you!

RE: Log pruning task in ACP - [ExiTuS] - 2019-11-08

Enabled for a daily task, it does NOT delete any log records.
I can confirm for:
- Administrator Log
- Moderator Log
- (can't check for the rest of log atm.)

Sorry guys, I have to revise my written!
The default is set to 365 days. My forum does not passed a year of running. So forget about my rashly statement emberrassing Smile


RE: Log pruning task in ACP - noyle - 2019-11-08

It's working for my test forum:
  • admin_logs
  • mod_logs
  • task_logs
  • mail_logs
  • user_mail_logs
Since I don't have group promotion operations, I don't know if purging promotion log is working.

BTW, there's an array of days of logs to be pruned defined in ./inc/config.php which is used in this task:
$config['log_pruning'] = array(
	'admin_logs' => 365, // Administrator logs
	'mod_logs' => 365, // Moderator logs
	'task_logs' => 30, // Scheduled task logs
	'mail_logs' => 180, // Mail error logs
	'user_mail_logs' => 180, // User mail logs
	'promotion_logs' => 180 // Promotion logs

I've tested log pruning by setting those values to 1 and executing that task.

RE: Log pruning task in ACP - Eldenroot - 2019-11-09

Thx guys for your feedback!