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Help Pls! - Stage4000 - 2019-11-25

um for some reason if you just straight up delete your cookie from my forum and refresh the page you are automatically logged in as our newest member.

Also just viewing the site in incognito seems to do the trick too.

For some reason I am now unable to reproduce this again. It was brought to my attention by a user and I was able to reproduce it twice (by deleting my cookie and by using incognito). However this appears to be failing now.

RE: Help Pls! - Nathan Malcolm - 2019-11-25

Are you using some sort of cache server like Varnish? It sounds like the server is caching PHP pages.

RE: Help Pls! - Stage4000 - 2019-11-25

I believe ive resolved the issue. It was indeed a caching issue on my server.

thank you.

RE: Help Pls! - Ben - 2019-11-25

For future reference please use a descriptive thread title or your thread may be closed.

RE: Help Pls! - Stage4000 - 2019-11-25

I mean... I used an exclamation mark. That means its urgent, isn't that descriptive enough? Toungue

Ill do better next time, sorry.