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[1.8.X] Brand New PREMIUM Themes - VOTE NOW! - xXMoeXx - 2020-01-26

Hey Team,

 I got the go ahead from Hanafi Jamil. Owner of He said the following themes can be replicated from Vbulletin to MyBB. My only question is which one do you guys really want to be on the MyBB platform? So, I am making this poll for a month. The theme with the highest vote will be the one I work on and release to the MyBB community.

Here is what they look like:
[Image: D8kZF9Q.jpg]

[Image: LTHYuCs.png]

[Image: 38nMPQC.png]

[Image: 1dvwLeV.png]

[Image: iUDW5Ug.png]

If you are needing a demonstration of the themes, you can visit his site up above. Just going to have to find the themes located on the footer, and switch to them. Each picture has a logo name of the theme, and you can vote via that name.

Let the voting begin!!!