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Smilies problem - Weasel-L - 2020-01-26

I am building a MyBB forum, been testing some stuff and I realized that when Smilies are used on a new thread or full reply page, whenever I use smilies I get additional alt= and title= text. They do not show up when I click the smilies but they show up on the preview or once I submit the post.

So, when writing let's say I use:
Big Grin 

In the message it will look like:
Big Grin " alt="[Image: biggrin.png]" title="[Image: biggrin.png]">

To make it even more funny, the problem does not appear when I use quick editor (using Quick Advanced Editor Plus). Any idea how to fix this?

RE: Smilies problem - noyle - 2020-01-26

Do you have such issue by disabling editor-related plugins and using default MyBB's theme/template?

By the way, what's the MyBB version you're using?

RE: Smilies problem - Weasel-L - 2020-01-26

Hmm, the problem disappeared when I changed the theme to default, but I invested a lot of time on making the forum look as I want it to. Not sure what to do now. Any ideas why would the editor work fine on the default version and make it look like that on the template?

I'm using MyBB v1.8.21.

RE: Smilies problem - noyle - 2020-01-26

Maybe the custom theme/template you're using is out-of-date. Try to use "Find Updated Templates" under "Templates & Style > Templates" and read "Diff report" for listed found results.