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Missing Attachments - Astromanian - 2020-01-27

MyBB: 1.8.22 (Upgraded)
PHP Version: 7.3.13

A user of our Forum informed me the a file he is trying to access   Getting Started gives the following:

Error Message: "The specified attachment does not exist."

When I examine >Forums & Posts in ACP

>Orphaned Attachments Search - 175 Results

It lists all the attachments I am looking for.
Reason Orphaned > Attached file missing.

I have searched the FTP file structure and found files which tie up with the date uploaded.
The files look like this:

I have also noticed that when I try to attach a file to a post, it does not upload?

I have no idea what I did wrong.
How do I restore these attachments to their rightful place?

I hope I have included enough information.

RE: Missing Attachments - .m. - 2020-01-27

IIRC, adding orphaned attachments back to relevant posts is a complex task [ref.]

if fresh attachments are not getting uploaded then that needs to be checked
provide a test user account so that someone can do initial check ... further
testing might need temporary access to forum admin panel & web server ..