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Show gif smilies - spacecadet - 2020-01-28

I imported all the smilies from the previous forum. There are in the smilies section but the actual image is not visible and I think it is because they are mostly gifs and not pngs or jpgs like the default MyBB smilies are. How can I make it so these smilie images are visible in the smilie section for posting? Just having the description is not so informative.

RE: Show gif smilies - .m. - 2020-01-28

additional smilies will be available through "get more" link available at new reply & new thread page.
they are also available through "more" link available with the smilies menu of editor's toolbar

see also related setting at configuration section of forum admin panel
forum admin panel >> Configuration >> Clickable Smilies and BB Code >> No. of Smilies to show

RE: Show gif smilies - spacecadet - 2020-01-28

Not sure what happened but all good now.

No. Actually still there. It looks like this:    

RE: Show gif smilies - .m. - 2020-01-28

^ if the smilies path entered as "/images/smilies/__________" then smilies do not appear in forum admin panel.
the path should be "images/smilies/___________"

fixed it through below SQL query
UPDATE `mybb_smilies` SET  `image`= REPLACE (`image`, '/images', 'images') WHERE `image` LIKE '%/images%';

RE: Show gif smilies - spacecadet - 2020-01-28

Angel  Thank you!