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Selective Migration - Seeker-Smith - 2020-02-28

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that my import from vb to mybb will largely be impossible do to issues with vb.

After spending sometime on the problem of importing attachments I'm thinking that I may just turn my old vb forum into read only and start fresh.

That said will it be possible to import just certain things for the old board like users and forums?
Or limit the import of threads, posts, attachments from 2020 only as example?

The second would be my first choice as at least there would be some content.

RE: Selective Migration - WallBB - 2020-02-29

You can remove redundant data after migration or probably you can remove certain data in older db and than import.

RE: Selective Migration - Seeker-Smith - 2020-03-01

Your first thought won't work because the attachments will be missing however your second thought will and it's a good idea. Thanks.

RE: Selective Migration - Omar G. - 2020-03-01

I'd import anything possible without attachments. You will only have missing attachments but you can keep your forum on read mode so you or your moderators can recover attachments as they are requested.

I recently lost all files from one board, but having content with broken attachments (which aren't all necessary anymore) is better than having no content.

RE: Selective Migration - Seeker-Smith - 2020-03-01

The site is image sharing so we have 265K pictures. I just trying only importing the last 720 days and no attachments were imported. So either way it won't work. The rest of the data is no problem.