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2 Mods Needed - yukisho - 2004-12-29

Ok I need two mods:

1- I have a forum modification site and I want when users make a new topic in General Mods forum there's a dropdown box above the topic with vB, phpBB, MyBB, etc.. for them to click and it will put [vB] [phpBB] [MyBB] in the topic text field.

2- I need a mod for a drop down box again to be on the bottom of the page (footer) that you can click it and it will display in the dropdown
small (750px)
medium (850px)
large (975px)
for the size of the page. like with the frostbite theme I changed it from 750px to 975px and want the users to be able to change it for themselves so it best fits their screen.

RE: 2 Mods Needed - Alan Crisp - 2004-12-29

Because I don't have much time for mod creations at the moment I tend not to make custom mods for specific sites, only mods that I can release for anyone to use, so I'm afraid I won't be able to do your first request.

The second request I might be able to do, but I'm not making many mods at the moment as I'd prefer to wait until Gold is released. That way it's easier for everyone. Smile

RE: 2 Mods Needed - yukisho - 2004-12-30

the first request isnt only for my site. a few other people i know need it that are members as well. I would release it anyways if you didnt so others can use it. if I wanted a mod just for myself, i would make it, but i work from 11:00 till 8:00 and school in the morning.