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Forum Pointers - fubarshibby - 2005-01-14

Here's my first mod...

Name: Forum Pointers

Version: 0.2.1

Description: The purpose of this mod is to add a "pointers" section right above the list of "User(s) browsing this forum:". I am an active member of, and they have something of the sort on various forums, and I liked the idea. It can be used in various ways, but one example is to show members how to post for different topics, i.e. if a member is asking for help, you may want them to put [Help] at the beginning of the post title. Or you may simply want to post some "forum etiquette" for them to follow. If you don't understand what I'm saying, a preview picture is attached.

The pointers for each forum are easily editable through the Admin CP. A new field is placed in the forum edit page, right underneath the Description field.

  • Added the intelligently forgotten fields to the "New Forum" page of the Admin CP
  • Fixed a problem with an addslashes() command
  • Added "pointerstitle" field, which allows for a specific title for the pointers for each forum

Known Bugs: None that I have found, but I only have one forum to test it on.

Bug Reporting: Please, if you find anything at all, post it either in this thread or send me a PM. I would be more than happy to address any issues ASAP.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions: Once again, post here, or send me a PM.

Future: I need your suggestions...


That's about it. The file is attached, which contains an install script and instructions on what files to modify.

Also, I am very open to any suggestions. I'm not the most creative, so I could use some help with deciding on new features.

Happy modding!

RE: Forum Pointers - Bill - 2005-01-14

I still don't have a real idea what it does, could you post a Link or Image as an example??

RE: Forum Pointers - fubarshibby - 2005-01-14

Original post updated with a preview picture...

RE: Forum Pointers - Alan Crisp - 2005-01-14

Thanks for this fubarshibby. Smile

I haven't had time to play with your mod yet, but it looks like a great little feature that could prove handy on many large boards, especially support boards.

If you would prefer to have this mod listed on the main site where everyone can see it, feel free to submit it from the submissions page. Smile

RE: Forum Pointers - fubarshibby - 2005-01-14

Well, I went to go and upload it, but I got this error:
Quote:Upload Error
There was an error uploading your file. Please ensure that it is in either .zip or .txt format, and does not exceed 250kb.
As you can see, my file is a zip and is less than 3kb... I tried it a couple of times and got the same error. I'm on Windows XP, and I've never had problems uploading files before... Any suggestions?

RE: Forum Pointers - k776 - 2005-01-14

AAAAAAHHHHH, MM, thats the same error I get on Linux, so its not a linux specific problem, but its also not the file, since it didn't work on linux but it worked on windows for me Confused Something is wrong somewhere Smile

RE: Forum Pointers - Alan Crisp - 2005-01-14

I'll take a look at this as soon as possible.

K776, I thought your problem was something to do with the file upload box not loading properly...or something along those lines. :|

RE: Forum Pointers - fubarshibby - 2005-01-15

Updated first post with a new version... Check the changelog for details. Smile

RE: Forum Pointers - Alan Crisp - 2005-01-15

Sorry about all the problems with the submissions page, I believe I have fixed the problem.

If you would like to attempt to submit your file again fubarshibby, then you're more than welcome. I would have done it for you, but I thought it was probably best to make sure that the upload bug isn't just fixed for me. Smile

RE: Forum Pointers - fubarshibby - 2005-01-16

Awesome, I uploaded the latest version without any problems. Thanks for fixing it so quickly.

As soon as it's validated, I'll update this thread, pointing to the page for it.