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Fix No More Replies - Seeker-Smith - 2020-03-20

I have a really annoying problem. I make a post with 20 attachments, then reply with 20 more I can't add anymore to the thread I get "You have already posted this reply to the specified thread. Please visit the thread to see your reply."

How do I change this limitation? I'd like our users to be able to add as many replies as needed to post the image sets.

This does not have anything to do with Post merge etc.

RE: Fix No More Replies - doylecc - 2020-03-20

It's blocked by the duplicate check. There is no setting for it. If the same user submits two posts in the same thread with the exact same content within 10 minutes the second posts is blocked as duplicate. You just have to change 1 character and the post wll be saved.

RE: Fix No More Replies - Seeker-Smith - 2020-03-20

Many thanks. Change character in title or post?

Looking at the code I don't see a way to change it to say 5. Correct?