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Logo image - CookieMatchoo - 2020-04-06

Change logo?

Hi, Im pretty new to everything to do with this. I really just need to change the little thunderbolt logo into a different picture.
The image i need in its place, is

i've looked in the advanced settings, and cant see anything there. I've tried changing things in the header in the code but it changes the writing font, colour. location only. I literally just want that bolt to be my chosen image. Any help appreciated.

Link to site:
Theme we are using: Focus
The 'bolt' i want to change to my picture:

sample of failed attempt:

any and all help is appreciated

RE: Logo image - Xalysis - 2020-04-06

Hey, I did some research for you.

Hopefully this helps:

RE: Logo image - CookieMatchoo - 2020-04-06

Hi! that looks exactly like what I need as inspect element shows the thiing it says to delete, but I cant seem to see where that would be, unless im being silly

I managed this, but not quite what i was looking for D:

RE: Logo image - Xalysis - 2020-04-06


Well at first welcome to Mybb, I hope you’re enjoying your journey! 🙌🏻

I have a solution for you, it’s quiet simple!

Go to global.css & select advanced mode
Search for .logo { & see where the image is located, or change it the way it fits your needs!

See ya!

RE: Logo image - CookieMatchoo - 2020-04-06

I really appreciate the help, this is one of the many things ive tried, I cant quite seem to manage to get it right Sad
Im sorry about taking up so much time

RE: Logo image - Xalysis - 2020-04-06

Well, let me look with you!

Add me on discord: Mo#5326