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A unique profile - Xalysis - 2020-04-09


I made some kind of edit with clear borders with a little explanation.

So, what I'm meaning with the colors is quiet simple:
  • The color black doesn't mean much. That is simply to say that the avatar of person X appears there with a border around the avatar.
  • With the color red I want to ensure that people with a certain upload system - such as upload avatar - can choose a cover photo that the forum itself represents. 
  • Pay attention! People are not allowed to upload cover photos themselves because they may upload photos that do not belong on a forum. Or perhaps, if the photo first has to be approved by the management.
[Image: xG95PGm.png]
[Image: iqIZkO0.png]

Is someone willing to help me with this? Because I don't have the mind to make a plugin - although I would like to make it myself. 
If yes, please leave the following information - via private message or just below:
  1. Do you offer services? Then leave a little information about your background
    1.1. How much do you think this will cost?      
           1.1.1. What is your idea about this?

I hope for a fair negotiation - if desired - and someone who can do this.

RE: A unique profile - Xalysis - 2020-04-26

Thanks for all the developers, who contacted me for making this plugin for me.

I figured it out all by myself and made it