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php mail not sending - kdmiller45 - 2020-04-10

I have seen some documentation on setting up php mail but the whole document does not tell you where the file to modify is located, at least in its default location can anyone assist, I have tested my mail server sending and receiving email fine from Gmail to zimbra no problems, it's just the setup of php mail

When I use the SMTP Mail and TLS the log shows:  Failed to start TLS encryption (Works with other sites I have)
When I use SSL it says:  Unable to connect to the mail server with the given details reason: 0
When I use no encryption it says: Unable to connect to the mail server with the given details reason: 0


RE: php mail not sending - .m. - 2020-04-11

php mail testing file should be uploaded to main folder of your forum
where global.php, index.php files exist along with other files & folders

your mail ID needs to be added in the file & file should be executed to test

example file : mailtest.php
       $to = 'your/mail/id';
       if(mail($to, 'Testing mail', 'This is a mailing test to see if PHP mail works.'))
        echo 'Mail was sent by PHP';
        echo 'PHP could not send the mail';