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"connection is not fully secure" - Authority - 2020-04-18

So i'm using this plugin "mysubscriptions"

on the buy page, the site is not secure. Is see this red text that says "the site is not fully secure". the site is secure everywhere else(I have a ssl certificate installed) 
example: (on the upgrade page)

example2: (on the rest of the site) 

I understand there is something wrong with the plugin. But is there a way to make it show "connection is secure" even on the upgrade page? Is there anything i can add in the plugin to fix this?

I wasn't sure where to post this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

RE: "connection is not fully secure" - Euan T - 2020-04-18

I would guess the "Buy Now" image is not using HTTPS. If this plugin uses templates, check whichever template contains that image and set it to use HTTPS instead.

RE: "connection is not fully secure" - Authority - 2020-04-18

That's the button :3 Fixed it by addingthis one instead