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Myalerts plugin - Louay - 2020-04-25

i have problem with installing myalerts plugin 
i think the problem with Table Structure.sql 
i don't know how to it to the database

thanks for reading.

[Image: 8MReMjY.png]

RE: Myalerts plugin - .m. - 2020-04-25

see this post

RE: Myalerts plugin - Louay - 2020-04-25

hi again
i did what u said exactly, in the ACP it didn't show any error from the errors above
as i said in the ACP 0 errors but in the index page it showing
[Image: jGBLHrw.png]
error 500 "something has gone wrong on the web site'"
i uploaded the files two times to make sure that there is no mistakes in uploading

RE: Myalerts plugin - .m. - 2020-04-25

^ can you check recent entries of server error log to find cause of error 500
[your web host control panel should be having a link to errors]

RE: Myalerts plugin - Omar G. - 2020-04-25

Ugh, apache camouflaging errors is an annoyance. Try enabling display_errors in your server to actually know what is happening.