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Friendly Chatting - bosslady - 2020-04-25

My corner of the world wide web.


What do we have? The usual general,a private members section,urban myths and legends..that are just legends,aren't they?  Confused

You can make your own dynamic siggy from your user cp..and even check your daily horoscope and much much more.  

You have to be registered and logged in to view most of the forum..the good bits! Come and join us. You will be made very welcome.  

Incidentally, there is an awesome dark skin, courtesy  of the equally awesome Skyon Archer! 

Hope to see you soon. Smile

RE: Friendly Chatting - Ben - 2020-05-05

Approved, good luck.

RE: Friendly Chatting - bosslady - 2020-05-05

Thanks! I made your account for you like asked.

RE: Friendly Chatting - Mastersly - 2020-05-05

Really nice forum,good luck

RE: Friendly Chatting - bosslady - 2020-05-06

(2020-05-05, 09:54 PM)Mastersly Wrote: Really nice forum,good luck

Thanks very much. Appreciate it.  Smile

RE: Friendly Chatting - bosslady - 2020-05-13

Just a cheeky bump,because why not.  Smile

RE: Friendly Chatting - WallBB - 2020-05-13

Seems like a really nice forum, I like it Smile

RE: Friendly Chatting - bosslady - 2020-05-13

Thanks very much. Appreciate it. A lot of work has gone into it, and continues. 

We have a member of the month even get a special badge!  Cool

RE: Friendly Chatting - Hyperledger - 2020-05-18

What theme are you using?