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Integrating myBB into a free website - theHaven - 2020-04-27

I've been reading post after post for several pages and there are so many complicated things people want to do while integrating this program into an existing website. I don't want to do any of that stuff. All I want to do is have the full forum "as is" load into a designated page on my website (using html) rather than in a new tab or browser window. (So it is nicely nested between my website header & footer. I am using the Livebooks platform. It does not use iframes. I just need a simple javascript to pop it onto a page, so that once selected on the main menu, a person will come to the forum as if it's just another page on the site.  I don't need a separate login page or anything that.

Here is the actual page whereI need to display this forum:

There was a forum here before, but it was a plug and play supplied by for a stinging $79/mo. They gave me a simple javascript snippet that I copy and pasted into a simple html page. I was hoping I could do the same thing here.

RE: Integrating myBB into a free website - WallBB - 2020-04-27

MyBB can be integrated in a way you want but that will be a lot of work where you need to do customizations.

Use something like createmyBB where the forum will be hosted at CreateMyBB or self host it. A solution like websitetoolbox is currently not available with MyBB.