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+--- Thread: (/thread-227563.html) - Ben - 2020-05-01

Hi all,

Please can you leave any requests below that you would like us to include on the Official Documentation? We will try to cover as many requests as possible.

RE: - WallBB - 2020-05-02

These topics would be really good if they have in-depth guides:
- Group Promotions
- Thread Prefixes
- Spam Prevention official guide

Most of the above topics are often missed by new MyBB forum administrators.

RE: - itsmeJAY - 2020-05-02

I posted it in the german community (

Either the users write in here themselves or I will collect ideas.


RE: - gimbal - 2020-05-02

- Specific steps for implementing Content Security Policy (CSP)

RE: - noyle - 2020-05-03

Manual for forum admins

It should be extremely helpful to forum admins, especially those new to MyBB. Besides, core modules at the AdminCP area could leverage such advantage by linking a ? to a dedicated help page for each setting / option.

I know docs for 1.6 (EOL) have it.

Development guidelines for core/plugin/theme developers

Haven't got a complete thought about what the guidelines would cover, but what already resides in my brain is:
  • For core developers:
    • Program logics/workflows that one should obey, including but not limiting to:
      • how MyBB handles a request like first load XXX, then create MyBB/DB/template/cache/plugin/etc. instances, then load db/cache/etc..
      • a specific user's permissions/settings are inherited from their primary/additional/display user group(s); a user's permissions in a specific forum are calculated by first fetching the user's permissions then overriding by forum's specified..
  • For plugin developers:
    • Recommended implementation / Best-practice: for example don't cache volatile variables or implement a feasible cache reloading mechanism; don't break program workflows; use internal data handlers for security / compatible concerns; etc.
  • For theme developers:
    • ...

RE: - snb - 2020-05-29

I would like documentation how to disable the non-essential parts of the forumsofware as administrator:
Better still: a separate settings page in the ACP to do this.

- no avatars
- no reputation system
- no member titles
- no signatures
- no friendslist
- no ignorelist
- no promotion system
- no warning system
- no portal
- no agendas
- no birthdays
- no poll system
- no videos
- no Youtube
- no ICQ
- no Skype
- no Hangout
- no jump to forum
- no memberlist
- no statistics
- no whoisonline
- no permissions
- no away/present messages

- no posticons
- no custom PM-folders
- no multiple 'read' options
- no mass mailings
- no group'leaders'
- only 1 display option: linear
- no redirect page

- no date/time options in UCP

RE: - Omar G. - 2020-05-29

Some of these features already have settings to turn them off, so I doubt your request will be delivered completely.

RE: - snb - 2020-05-29

May I refer you to the first post in this thread ?

Quote:Please can you leave any requests below that you would like us to include on the Official Documentation? We will try to cover as many requests as possible.