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One click ban - bosslady - 2020-05-13

phpBB3 has a one click ban system. Simply press the button and all traces of a user are gone, Is there a similar plugin with mybb? I know there is a purge spammer option,but I haven't had to use that yet,thankfully.

RE: One click ban - Crazycat - 2020-05-13

What is wrong with purge spammer ?

RE: One click ban - bosslady - 2020-05-13

I never said there was anything wrong with it?  Huh Just asked a simple question,,,  Confused

RE: One click ban - Crazycat - 2020-05-13

Oh, sorry, rode too fast.
Peharps Amnesia is the plugin you need

RE: One click ban - Omar G. - 2020-05-13

The question is still valid tho. What is lacking in the Purge Spammer feature for you to use it as a quick banning tool?

Don’t you want to pass through the confirmation page? Would you rather not send the user information to the spam database? Or is it simply that you end up in the profile page? What do you mean by “all traces” and how does Purge Spammer doesn’t fit that requirement?

I personally would discourage anyone from using a “one click ban” to “erase all traces” of a user, with no confirmation page.

RE: One click ban - bosslady - 2020-05-14

That is a very good point Omar. Thanks..hadn't thought of it like that.