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Xthread error - Dr_The_One - 2020-06-07

I upgrademy php to 7.1 and Xthreads 1.67 plugin give following error and its custom field not work properly.
Can anyone help me. I have mybb1806.

Thank you.


RE: Xthread error - NoRules - 2020-06-08


update the plugin to the 1.68 version, because:
PHP 7 compatibility fixes

Sure it's fixed the problem you posted about preg_replace with the /e modifier:
Since PHP 7.0.0	Support for the /e modifier has been removed. Use preg_replace_callback() instead.

RE: Xthread error - Dr_The_One - 2020-06-09

It changes style. I am not able to get field to be enter while editing or creating thread.
Can any one help me in this issue?

RE: Xthread error - Omar G. - 2020-06-10

Did you try to update the thread fields cache by editing and saving any of them?

RE: Xthread error - Dr_The_One - 2020-06-13

Ohhh.... Thanks a lot Omar. You saved my lots of time.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.