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ShoutBox - Ozidave - 2005-09-05

Hi People,

I'm working on this one, and have patched it from E-Blah to work under MyBB.

It's not quite finished yet, and I'm wondering if I can count on some support here, even though I'm no programmer... I do know my limits.

And thanks to DennisTT for the user-name syntax for PR2.

It has Mouse-Over for time / date and double-click the message box for past comments.

Tell me what you think. And of course the Name-Parsing only works when logged into MyBB. Guest's can't see it until they do log in. Smile

Edit: Link removed.

PS: It comes with it's own CSS as it would be too difficult to theme it into MyBB.. :frown:

RE: ShoutBox - Ozidave - 2005-09-10

Quote:And I'm wondering if I can count on some support here

Obviously not...