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Resize the forum bit - clgod - 2020-06-16

Hi. I'm looking to resize the width from forum. Atm, the forum looks likeĀ [Image: 98l7haJ.png]and i want to resize them to something like that
[Image: ce5SBPU.png]

RE: Resize the forum bit - WallBB - 2020-06-16

Can you share your forum URL?

Anyways I will give you an example.
You need to write a wrapper class to contain the width.
For Example -
<div class="container">
<!-- your new wrapper -->
<div class="wrapper">
#Content goes here
#Closing tag for the wrapper

CSS that you need to add -
.wrapper {
.max-width: 768px; #Example width, you c


RE: Resize the forum bit - clgod - 2020-06-16 but it's a kinda of a private forum, but, i've been using Emerald dark theme as an "source".

I can send u my forumbit_depth1_cat and the others if this help you.

RE: Resize the forum bit - GodLess101 - 2020-06-16

By default your theme already has a wrapper. Head over to /admin/index.php?module=style-themes , then pick your theme (Emerald Dark or similar depending on what you named it)

Go inside the global.css and hit Advanced Mode, then search for .wrapper. At the moment there should be a
width: 90%; <

Change it to i.e. 768px as WallBB suggested. (Or tune the % down depending on responsiveness, i.e. I found that around 60-70% gives a similar result to what you want)..

RE: Resize the forum bit - clgod - 2020-06-17

Thanks both of you. I did it!