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Author name - chiefsaab - 2005-09-20

I submitted some themes which have been approved and listed but my name as author is missing from the Author column Sad

RE: Author name - Alan Crisp - 2005-09-20

It seems there are some problems on the main site regarding user recognition. I'm working to fix these issues as soon as possible and I'll make sure you are listed as the author of the relevant themes shortly.

On a related note, your themes are very nice. Thank you for submitting them. Smile

RE: Author name - chiefsaab - 2005-09-21

The author column is the only place, apart from mybb community forum, where I have claimed credit for creating themes as my name is not mentined in themes. Could you please correct the problem fast? Smile By the way, thanx for liking my themes Smile

RE: Author name - chiefsaab - 2005-09-22

MM there is some problem with my Mac theme which I have corrected. I do not think it is possible for me to change the zip file myself, I am attaching the correct zip file, could you please replace it with the older one? Thanx Smile

RE: Author name - Alan Crisp - 2005-09-22

Thanks. I've updated the file available on the website.