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Need someone to Finish a Theme for Me - deserts - 2020-08-15

I was scammed out of $125 by the guy who I went with from the thread above, he began the design and more or less laid the ground work but there's still several things I need done to the design which includes

  1. Completing the Sidebar
  2. Completing the top bar with welcome back member block dropdown and a second dropdown
  3. Completing the Postbit
  4. Completing the Forumdisplay
  5. Completing the Registration Page
  6. Completing the New Thread / New Reply pages
I will also require this design to be made Responsive / Mobile Friendly.

I have money and can pay some upfront to get the job done, please do not waste my time. Please do not bother if you aren't a top tier front end developer, I need the best quality for this design and cannot afford a halfa*sed job. 

Please also have Skype or Discord.


RE: Need someone to Finish a Theme for Me - Carter11 - 2020-08-17

Hello There,
Hope you are doing well!!

I'd Glad to assist you.
PM sent with details, Please check.

Thanks and Regards